Sedation Dentistry El Segundo and Carson


Less Stressed Appointments

Fear of the dentist is very common. Some dental offices may consider your worries silly and will not accommodate for your comfort. At Avalon Dental Care, we will never ignore your concerns. We understand that, for many patients, sedation dentistry is the only way that you can visit us for your annual and follow-up appointments.

One of the primary options we offer is the use of nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas. Our staff will accommodate you and ensure that you receive your care under safe and pleasant conditions.

The Benefits Of Sedation Therapy

  • Control of gag reflex
  • Increased level of comfort
  • Little to no memory of your dental treatment
  • Controlled movement, resulting in less risk of jerking your body during the procedure
  • Patient cooperation and relaxation
  • Decreased need for follow-up appointments

For more information on sedation dentistry and our options, contact us today.