5 Stars  Professional and honest dentist

Kelishadi, M. DDS – Avalon Dental Care

I was desperately looking for a good dentist that I could trust. I asked around and Dr. Kelishadi was recommended to me by a friend. I went for a second opinion after going to another dentist who told me I had a huge cavity and would need a root canal. That dentist refused to even do a temporary filling and quoted me a cost of $1500 which is ridiculous since I’m still looking for a job and have no income or insurance. She fit me into her very busy schedule and made me feel as relaxed as possible under the crappy conditions. She did also recommend a root canal (sucks), but I was more apt to take her advice as she really took the time to explain everything and charged only $700. What a difference? The next day she called to see how my tooth was feeling which I thought was really nice. I definitely recommend Dr. Kelishadi. She seems like she’s actually in it to be a dentist and not a businesswoman out to gouge people in pain. —- Mary C.

5 Stars  My kids first injection and tooth extraction experience:

Kelishadi, M. DDS – Avalon Dental Care

I’ve known Dr. Kelishadi for over ten years and know how wonderful she is with my kids. My little ones were just there last month and walked out smiling. When a child has an injection and a tooth pulled and does not know it, that just shows how great Dr. Kelishadi is. My kids could not believe they had a tooth removed—even after they saw the tooth. They had to look in a mirror to see that the tooth was missing. Even then, they were still shocked. My son was 6 years old at the time, now 7, and my daughter is 5. Dr. Kelishadi also has an amazing staff to back her up. Dr. K & Dr. Davani—thank you so much for the care you give my family and I. —- Linda S.

5 Stars  Office visit


I say it as I see it—best dental practice I’ve ever been to. The office is very clean and the staff is courteous and friendly; they make you feel comfortable as you walk in. The doctor is very gentle, knowledgeable and she explains the treatment step by step. I would highly recommend this dentist, especially for chickens like me. —-Rhonda

5 Stars  Need a gentle, kind, and honest dentist? Stop looking!


I had to find a new dental office, as my old dentist stopped taking our insurance. So, I happened to come across Avalon. I went for my first appointment. When I got my first cleaning and eventually got a numbing shot, I was amazed at how painless it was, and I asked Dr. Kelishadi why? She said it’s because she takes her time when she gives the shot, and, that way, there is no trauma to the gums…WOW! She was the first dentist that cared enough to think about the patients after the numbing wares off. I will always be a patient at Avalon Dental Care, as they are professional, kind and honest people! Keep up the great work.—- Grace

5 Stars

I’ve been going to Avalon Dental Care for almost 7 years now and I like the doctor as well as their staff. They are truly professional and friendly. I think it is funny, but I always look forward to my visits. Thank you Dr. Kelishadi for doing such a great job. —- E. Ramos