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Tyra Butler, LMFT: Coaching for Early Career Therapists

As a Pre-Licensed Clinician, you want to:

  • Successfully navigate the pre-licensure process
  • Find paid clinical work and earn your hours toward licensure
  • Be increasingly more effective as a clinician
  • Be successful in your career long-term

Does that resonate with you?

Finding paid internships can be hard to get and if you do, the type of work or other aspects of it may not be the best. If it is a good situation, there are numerous other parts that are challenging.

The reality is that to succeed in this competitive field, it’s necessary to become an increasingly better clinician and therapy businessperson.

When I graduated and my practicum ended, I realized there was more to learn both about the business and clinical side of being of a therapist. About finding paid work while earning hours and becoming a good therapist. Each client comes to us with uniquely shaped issues and histories, so I could tell early on I needed to be better equipped to succeed in helping others.

During my early internship days, I learned how to establish and grow my private practice as an intern while working at traditionally-paid internships, getting the best of both worlds professionally speaking.

And, I did that while I studied and trained with master clinicians, which advanced my therapeutic skills and made me a more effective therapist.

This rigorous training ground helped me maintain a financially successful practice through licensure, earn all my hours, pass the exams and end up with an established, thriving therapy career.

I am here to share my hard-won knowledge with you as a coach, consultant and mentor.  I was fortunate to have found invaluable mentors and supervisors, but I wish it would have been sooner along my journey. Before that I was on my own to figure things out, and you may be in the same boat. I know many pre-licensed clinicians do not get the kind of training and guidance I was lucky to get. The fact that half of interns/associates do not make it licensure shows there is a wide gap between graduation and getting licensed. One of the reasons is it is so hard to pull all the pieces together and make it happen. This made me want to help. I learned a lot along the way, and since being licensed. So, I created this coaching business, so I can help you become a successful, licensed clinician.

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